Dave Davies

“In a world of over-hyped exclamations, Gary has proven himself to be solid, true-to-life and inspired, he stands out as the real deal. He brings a wealth of wisdom and spiritual skill to his teaching and healing work, presenting both with a compassionate and loving heart. So whether it is for healing that works or teachings that make a difference, Gary is someone that I can certainly recommend.”
Dave Davies, international rock star, the founder and lead guitarist of "The Kinks".
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Lynn McTaggart

"Lynne Recommends... The Qi Healing Sanctuary"

"In 2003, I got introduced to Gary and Chrissie Blaze, an lovely couple who practiced a unique brand of healing - a synthesis of a number of Eastern and Western practices.

Both had studied healing disciplines for years; in addition, Gary, an expert in a variety of Eastern healing and meditative practices, had worked with a lengthy list of masters of yoga, the meditative traditions of Tibet, the Chinese Esoteric school and Buddhism. He was also taught acupressure, Medical Qigong, and other Taoist medical disciplines.   

Extremely modest about their prodigious gifts, the Blazes impressed us so much that we invited them to lead Prayer and Intention workshops at two of our 'Living the Field' conferences.

Perhaps most inspiring about this pair was the sense of service to others, which formed both the heart of their work and the heart of their relationship. They were, as rock star and former Kinks lead guitarist Dave Davies, once put it, 'the real deal.'

Recently, I discovered that Gary has synthesized his 35 years of healing work into what he terms the Qi Healing System, a comprehensive mind/body energy approach, incorporating Qi Healing, Medical Qigong, distant healing, Qigong, and the various energetic disciplines of India, Tibet and China. He calls his system 'spiritually guided therapy. 

I recommend Gary and his healing work, if you're lucky to live close enough to benefit, run, don't walk to see him!".

Lynne McTaggart, international presenter, researcher, and bestselling author of ‘The Field: The Quest For the Secret Force of the Universe’, ‘The Intention Experiment’ and ‘The Bond" http://www.lynnemctaggart.com/

“Thank you for the wonderful healing session. I was very aware of energy moving and also had many 'memory pictures' come to mind in association with some of the energy. Very powerful! I finished the session feeling joyful and a boost of energy - lovely!”
Carole P, Bloomfield Hills, MI

“It was a lives changing experience, thank you!”
Cathy G, St Clair Shores, MI

“In only one treatment my wrist is completely better and I’m back to my weight training.”
Lonnie N, Birmingham, MI

“I have to admit that when I first started my treatments I did not know what to expect. I am so grateful that I have decided to come see you, my headaches have disappeared, my stress levels have been significantly reduced, I am happier, more grounded, and I feel that I have a deep reserve of vitality and energy, life is good again!
Anne Marie R., Farmington, MI

“……you have a wonderful compassionate and loving healing presence.”
Cathi M., Los Angeles

“I have always been more interested in a complementary approach to health and, for over three decades, I have sought treatment from cutting-edge therapists of many kinds. I have found that, as with orthodox medicine, some practitioners are average, while others are good, and others exceptional. I believe in complementary therapy because of the lack of side effects, but I suppose I got used to the fact that it often took many sessions before I felt any different. What I found remarkable after my first treatment from you was that I instantly felt different! The aches and pains were significantly reduced, I felt stronger and better, and less stressed after only one session. I could feel the energy radiating from your hands and was moved by your obvious dedication and focus on your work - my health.  I consider you a real professional and a deeply caring healer."
Mrs. PAH, Sussex, England.

Testimonial Disclaimer:

Due to new FTC laws I must state clearly that you may not achieve the same results or feel the same way as stated in the customer testimonials listed on this website. Each person's results are individual and unique and as such your results may well vary from those listed. 

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