Falling Out of Autumn

I'm sorry for this personal self indulgence.....! This is just a short video that I did and wanted to share, I hope that maybe, possibly, you might find some healing Qi within it!


For your health: Living in Harmony with the Seasons - Autumn

In Chinese-based healing the Fall is the beginning of the yin cycle, when the daylight lasts less than twelve hours. This is a time of transition between the ‘heat’ of summer activity and the contemplative inward moving force of winter.

The Work of Autumn: Cleaning Out Old Negativity

In Autumn we can learn more about ourselves than in any other season. Having provided the harvest, Nature now makes everything bare. In this season, Nature lets go of its abundant creation of the past year in a grand final display. Autumn marks the end of the growing season - a turning inward, a falling away of outer-directed energy. Leaves turn color and drop. The old leaves go back to the Earth, enriching it to promote the coming of new leaves and a new harvest.

Nature instructs us about our own cycles of creating and letting go. Trees in Autumn don't stubbornly hold onto their leaves because they might need them next year. Yet how many of us defy the cycle and hold onto what we've produced or collected - those decayed leaves, that old negativity? How can we hope for a harvest next year unless we let go of the old and start afresh?

The energy of this season, more than any other, supports our letting go of the waste, the old and stale in our lives, leaving us receptive to the pure and new, granting us a vision of who we are in our essence. Autumn returns us to our essence, moves us to eliminate what we no longer need, reveals again what is most precious in our lives.

The Lungs and Inspiration

There is more to this season than “letting go” - it is also a time to take in the pure. The air in Autumn takes on a new crispness. Think of waking up on a brisk fall day and filling your lungs with that clean, cool Autumn air. The Lung, the organ contained within the Metal element, enables us to take in the pure and the new. It grants us the inspiration of a breath of fresh air. In classical Chinese medicine, the Lung is described as “the receiver of the pure Chi from the Heavens.”

The Lungs and Our Health

Lung is considered by Chinese healing to be the “tender organ.” This is because the Lung is the uppermost organ in the body and especially susceptible to wind and cold.

The Lungs control the circulation of the Wei-Qi, which is the defensive Qi that protects you from the invasion of flu and colds. The Wei-Qi circulates on the surface between the skin and muscles and works to warm the body. If the Wei-Qi is weak, the skin and muscles will not be warmed properly. This is why people tend to feel cold when they’re sick. A weakness in the lungs can lead to a weakness in the Wei-Qi, making a person prone to frequent colds.

The transition from Summer to Fall is a time when the Qi is instable. The Qi from healthy lungs should descend. If the Lung Qi goes upward, it is “rebellious,” and the person experiences a cough. If working properly, the Lungs inhale the Heavenly Qi (air) and exhale the “dirty “Qi (carbon dioxide), both vital for our health!

The Lungs and Our Emotions

In Chinese medicine, Autumn is the season of the element Metal (or air). Grief is the emotion of the Metal element. We all experience loss, separation, and “letting go,” and we appropriately feel grief at those times. Grief cleanses us of what is no longer needed in our lives. When the energy of Metal is blocked or imbalanced within us, our expression of grief likewise becomes imbalanced and inappropriate. It may be excessive and ongoing which can damage the Lungs. Or, in the other extreme, it may be absent, as in those who cannot express their grief.

Food as Medicine: What foods should you eat during Autumn?

One of the easiest ways to stay healthy is to get in touch with the energy of the harvest through fresh foods. In colder environments it is especially important to transition into eating warmer, cooked foods during this time and keeping the salads and raw foods at bay until next summer.

What you eat also greatly affects the health of your Lungs. Eating excess cold and raw foods creates dampness or phlegm which is produced by the spleen and stored by the lungs. Dairy products, such as milk, cheese, cream, and butter also create phlegm, while moderate amounts of pungent foods like garlic, onions, ginger, horseradish, and mustard are beneficial to the Lungs.

Also foods that are contracting and astringing can be helpful, as this will match the seasonal change to go inward, eventually leading to winter. Such foods are often sour: sauerkraut, apple cider vinegar, lemons, limes and grapefruit. Other such foods are aduki beans, and some plums and apples. To combat the dryness add whole oats, millet, barley, sweet potatoes and yams, seaweeds, almonds, pine nuts, eggs and pears.

More suggestions for living in harmony with the Autumn season:

Autumn in general is a good time to cleanse the intestine. Look at your diet and eliminate unsupportive foods. Perhaps follow a simple detox cleanse or go for a colonic to further help with elimination.

On another level, it might be the perfect time to clean your house, getting rid of what is no longer of value. No one would dream of asking the trees to hold onto their leaves. Yet people will clutter their home to such an extent that they don’t even know how to find the things that are important to them. If you have difficulty getting rid of possessions, hire a personal organizer to help.

Increase your exercise or any activity that exercise the lungs with deep full breaths.

Hydrate — drink lots of water, and wean yourself from dehydrating fluids such as coffee, black tea and alcohol.

Go through your closet, desk, garage, medicine cabinet - any cluttered storage area, and discard what you no longer need. Then donate, sell, or otherwise circulate what might be of value to others.

Do a mental inventory: Examine attitudes (prejudices, envies, hatreds, jealousies, resentments) stored within your psyche. When possible, contact those with whom you harbor old "stuff." Attempt to resolve the hurtful old issues, and then let them go.

Take time each day to breathe slowly and deeply. As you inhale the clean Autumn air, feel yourself energized and purified. Feel the old negativity, impurity, and pain leave your body and psyche.

In general, think “less is better.” Let the simple unclutteredness of Autumn feed the soul.

Appreciate the beauty and natural expression of the wonderful Mother Earth, and thank her for Blessing us with her bounty and unconditional Love

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