Biomagnetic Therapy

I am very pleased to now be able to offer you an even greater enhancement to my Qi Healing System - Biogmagnetic Therapy. This therapy includes PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields) and magnet therapy, which uses static magnetic fields (stick on small magnets). Both types of therapy have been used extensively for decades in China, Europe, Japan and Korea. There are currently over 1600 published studies about the beneficial effects of Biomagnetic Therapy.

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It is important to distinguish between the electromagnetic fields which are used for therapeutic purposes, and other man-made electromagnetic fields from power lines, microwave ovens, cell phones, etc., which can cause damage to our bodies. The PEMF device I use produces safe, natural electromagnetic fields of a lower frequency, that complements the chemistry and functions of the body.

Dr. Michael Tierra, OMD, C.A., N.D., said: “I decided to use magnets along with acupuncture, dietary and herbal therapy…I have found Biomagnetic Therapy to be approximately 90% effective for the relief of pains and conditions caused by inflammation.”

The National Institutes of Health have now made PEMFs a priority for research and the FDA have approved many PEMF devices some specifically to fuse broken bones, wound healing, pain and tissue swelling, and to treat depression. 

“The reason that I emphasize PEMF as a therapeutic and preventative health approach is that they are very safe, reliable, and very effective a huge percentage of the time.”

Dr. William Pawluk MD, MSc. Board Certified Family Physician and Holistic Health Practitioner; Former Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and University of Maryland

Magnetic fields also affect your cell membranes, allowing membrane channels to open up. These channels are like the doors and windows of a house and, by opening them, nutrients enter your cells more easily and waste is eliminated, restoring optimum cell function. This in turn restores and maintains organ function, helping your entire body and slowing the aging process.

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PEMFs work deep in the tissues to stimulate natural healing processes that have become stuck. Healing tissues can reduce pain and improve your overall health.  

Gary Null, Ph.D., who has conducted extensive research on magnet therapy, recommends that “magnets work best in combination with other healing modalities” such as acupressure, qi healing and deep tissue massage. It is because of the gentle and natural effects of magnets, and the fact that they primarily function to balance bioenergy in the body, that they are completely compatible with many methods and practices of healing. 

Biomagnetic therapy can work to:

  • Accelerate the repair of joint function, bone and soft tissue injury; reduce pain, inflammation and swelling.
  • Improve energy, circulation, the uptake of nutrients, cellular detoxification, blood and tissue oxygenation and the ability to regenerate cells.
  • Balance the immune system.
  • Reduce stress.

“PEMF (Biomagnetic therapy) is one treatment everyone needs”. Dr. Robert Rowen MD                                                                                                         

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