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"The best guarantee for receiving outstanding results in energy healing, is to find a skilled practitioner of a Chinese based healing system who also has knowledge of a good QiGong system, and who is willing to teach you how to improve your own energy and health. Why would someone not want to receive healing from a Wisdom that is at least 5,000 years old?" 
Master Xu Xiang Cai

Gary’s QiGong and healing ability are both exceptional, he comes highly recommended”
Dave Davies – Founder, the Kinks.


Thank you for visiting the Qi Healing Sanctuary.

Healing and the spiritual sciences have been a deep interest of mine for most of my life – I liken them both to seeds which have been planted a very long time ago and which, if I give both sufficient care and attention, will hopefully continue to grow and blossom, and like the sunflower – always point towards the Light.

I first began my healing path almost forty years ago, when I was taught a powerful healing technique by a prominent Yoga Master, and my life has never been the same.

Almost twenty years ago my life was again changed when I was introduced to the energetics and philosophy behind Chinese Medicine, Medical QiGong, the Internal Martial Arts, and QiGong.

Since that time, I have been extremely fortunate to have been taught by many Wisdom teachers, all of who have helped me to deepen my knowledge and healing ability. Some of these teachers include: Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, Master Yu Tian Jian, Master Zhang Yuanming, Master Zhao Ting Jue, Master George King, Wu Baolin, and Dungse Rigdzin Dorje Rinpoche.

To deepen my knowledge and understanding, I have also completed course work based upon the Medical QiGong curriculum that has been established at the Medical Qigong College at the Hai Dian University in China, and it is used clinically at the Xi Yuan Medical Qigong Hospital in Beijing.

I have a real love for QiGong and healing and have joyfully spend many hundreds of hours in personal practice, study and in the clinic, – all because I want to be the best at my healing work that I can possibly be, and to be able to help as many people as I possibly can.

"I recommend Gary and his healing work, if you're lucky to live close enough to benefit, run, don't walk to see him!".
Lynne McTaggart, International bestselling author of ‘The Field, ‘The Intention Experiment’ and ‘The Bond" 

What is Medical QiGong Healing?


Qi = Life energy.

Gong = Accomplishment, skill gained through regular practice.

QiGong = The skillful use of Qi, or life energy.
Medical QiGong is the skillful use of Qi in healing.

Medical Qigong Healing, is a life energy based healing system which recognizes the root causes and symptoms of disease and treats the patient as a whole.

It is founded on the Chinese Medical principles that all disease and disharmony is based on the underlying energy pattern of the physical body, called the energy body.

This energy body and the physical body are not separate but are parts of one united whole, and what affects one affects the other. When we improve the vitality and harmony - the health of the energy body, this has a pronounced and positive effect on the physical body, resulting in increased vitality, a deeper harmony, and better health.

This healing process can be greatly enhanced by a practitioner who is adept in the wise and skillful use of life energy or Qi, which provides the body with the right balance and strength to jump start its healing process.

Medical QiGong healing is certainly not something New Age, but a proven system of energy medicine based on the 5,000 year old Chinese and Indian healing traditions. The reason that this approach to healing is still in use today is – because it works.

More importantly, Medical Qigong Healing is, at its core, a heart-centered energy therapy that uses the transformational energy of Love as Medicine. 

Receiving a treatment is like pressing a magical reset button to strengthen your inner healer, creating a wonderful, deep inner harmony, good health and well-being from the inside out!

A Medical Qigong Healing Treatment Can Help You:

  • Eliminate acute or chronic health problems;
  • Accelerate your recovery from sports and soft tissue injury;
  • Relieve stress and experience inner peace and tranquility;
  • Increase your vitality;
  • Release limiting emotions;
  • Rekindle your joy and enthusiasm for life;

“……you have a wonderful compassionate and loving healing presence.” Cathi M., Los Angeles

“It was a lives changing experience, thank you!”

Cathy G, St Clair Shores, MI

“In only one treatment my wrist is completely better and I’m back to my weight training.”

Lonnie N, Birmingham, MI

I have to admit that when I first started my treatments I did not know what to expect. I am so grateful that I have decided to come see you, my headaches have disappeared, my stress levels have been significantly reduced, I am happier, more grounded, and I feel that I have a deep reserve of vitality and energy, life is good again!
Anne Marie R., Farmington, MI

What is a Medical QiGong Healing Treatment Like?

During your first appointment, I spend time finding out more about you; helping you to feel comfortable and at ease; and explaining the treatment.

You always remain fully clothed and comfortable on a massage table during the healing treatment. Many people report that they feel very calm and relaxed, with a sense of a pleasant underlying vitality. 

If it is appropriate afterwards, I may suggest some gentle energy movements (QiGong) or meditations to help you maintain the benefits of your treatment.

Every treatment is tailored to your unique needs and can include:

  • QiGong enhanced energy healing, including visualized color enhanced Qi;
  • Gentle Acupressure;
  • TDP Far–Infrared Mineral Lamp, click here for more information; 
  • Biomagnetic Therapy, Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields and static magnets, click here for more information; 
  • Authentic Chinese soft tissue injury liniments;

Be Proactive! Wellness Approach for Maintaining Good Health

Medical QiGong Healing is beneficial both for pre-existing health issues,   and just as important, also as a wellness maintenance system.

Maintaining good health through wellness treatments is an essential part of ancient Chinese healing philosophy, and is still a wise approach today. Waiting to treat those who were already sick was likened to “waiting for thirst before digging a well or waiting to go into battle before casting weapons"

The wellness approach was so valued, that at one time the local Chinese healers only we paid as long as their patients didn't get ill.

Regular treatments, especially when the seasons change, can keep your body tuned up and your immune system strengthened. It can help you manage stress, encourage and support personal growth, and maintain your overall health and well-being.


$50.00 for a single treatment. 

$90.00 for two treatments.

$125.00 for three treatments.

How to Schedule Your Medical Qigong Session:

Contact me either by email; Qihealingsystem@gmail.com
or (248) 250-1831.

Location: 2820 W. Maple Road, Suite 232, Troy, MI 48084

Please click on Map for directions.


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